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Volgotec ltd. was established in 1995. The primary goal was the development and manufacturing of medical diagnostic equipment.
The 12 lead computer based elecrtocardiographic recorder was the first product.

Currently our effords are forwarded onto information and telecommunication technology development for every day medical use.

Today we may offer the telemedical information system Cardinet Online for remote medical personnel cooperation and medical care and the multifactor diagnostic tools applicable for professional and personal use. Data integration into Cardinet Online system and wireless Bluetooth connection is currently provided.

Telemedical information system Cardinet Online currently provides the following capabilities:
  • medical records are added and can be observed by a number of distant medical career
  • diagnostic equipment data integration (ECG, ultrasonic, etc.) into medical records
  • remote input, centralized storage and processing of diagnocstic equipment data, clinical data, medical reports, prescription, medication, etc.
  • medical report generation
  • adaptation of the medical data input forms without any programmer involvement

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Versions for professional and personal use of the multifactor diagnostic tool Volgotec-02 are available and provide personal diagnostic data integration into "Cardinet Online" medical information system.

Personal healthcare home monitoring based on Cardinet Online information system is currently running by hospitals of JVC Russian Railways in Moscow and Saratov.

"Cardinet Online" information system provides the patients by means of personal dianostic tools "Volgotec-02" with the following abilities:

  • patients's health status monitoring within the internet connection coverage aria on a regular basis
  • patients's health data storage
  • sheduled or on-demand telemedical consulting
  • statistics of patients's health status during everyday live and stress situations
  • medication and procedures report generation and interactive prescription corrections
  • automatic alarms on sheduled medication and procedures
  • alarms on imergency medical care required

Home health monitoring may be benifical for:

  • patients with cardiovascular disease
  • diabetic patients
  • persons within stress environment
  • healthy people with active lifestyle
  • sportsmen

Monitoring capabilities:
  • blood pressure by Korotkoff
  • 3-12 lead ECG
  • high resolution ECG
  • averaged heart rate
  • cardiointervalography
  • resperatory
  • responce time on external events

Calculated parameters

  • heart rithm analisys
  • late potentials
  • heart rate variability in time and frequency domain
  • cardiovascular, psychological and physiological status

Monitored and calculated data is automatically integrated into Cardinet Online medical records.

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